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Premium British Pale Ale

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Empress Pale Ale

Empress Ale is a premium craft British Pale Ale that’s smooth, light and easy-drinking. Working with an award-winning brewery, chefs and restaurateurs, Empress Ale was designed to be enjoyed on any occasion, leaving you craving for more after every sip. We use the finest of natural ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, whenever possible. Our head office is in Leamington Spa and our beer is brewed in London.


tasting notes

A light, well-balanced Pale Ale with a floral and malty aroma. With gentle carbonation to cleanse the palate, a smooth citrus and hoppy finish makes it an incredibly refreshing and easy drinking beer


Our story

Empress Ale was originally created to be an easy drinking beer that was the perfect accompaniment with food (especially spiced cuisine). It was born from the founder’s mission to provide some of his favourite restaurants with a British-made, quality craft beer that not only complemented the dishes he loved the most, but also provided an alternative to the big branded beers so commonly listed in restaurants.

After months and months of testing, tasting, tweaking, working with chefs, restaurateurs and award winning brewers – Empress Ale was born! Taking inspiration from both British and Indian heritage, Empress Ale is a showcase for modern UK-inspired products. Now, after establishing itself within the beer market, Empress is seen as the perfect beer for any occasion, with its easy drinking nature and eye-catching design.


Fine dining & gastro

Empress Ale’s reputation has spread far and wide within F&B, and it is now available in some of the finest Michelin starred restaurants, gastro pubs and up-and-coming eateries. Whether on trade or off trade, we work directly with our clients and through our key drinks distributors up and down the country.


Festivals & events

Empress Ale has worked with a variety of festivals, events and venues since its launch. The spirit of people coming together and enjoying themselves whilst enjoying their favourite food and drink is something close to our hearts. With its easy drinking nature and ability to complement an array of foods, Empress really is the perfect choice to have available at a variety of indoor / outdoor events and festivals.

Empress is available on Draught, Bottles (330ml), Cans (330ml), Plastic bottles (330ml - pre-organised). All of our packaging is fully recyclable. For all our pints and half pint cups we use either reusable or 100% recyclable cups to ensure we do our bit for the environment. Our bespoke Empress Bar can provide fully functioning draught facilities, Portable Draught Machines and Bottle Fridges. We are fully licensed and also AWRS registered. Our staff are also trained in the ‘Challenge 25’ government scheme to ensure good diligence when serving at events. Our main bar is fully branded and housed within a 3 x 3 m Marquee which can be increased in size dependent on the event.

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